22" Wide Shade XL 2,500 Lumens LED Task Lamp with Clamp with Correlated Color Temperature - White

AVAILABLE IN US & UK ONLY Pro-grade Task Lighting – Our Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp with Clamp is designed for...

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  • Pro-grade Task Lighting – Our Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp with Clamp is designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. It offers ample light for any task, making it perfect for use in offices, workshops, studios, and reading nooks. From writing and studying to working on a computer, drawing, painting, crafting, and other hobbies, this lamp provides task lighting for a wide range of activities.

  • Wide Illumination – This lamp features 117 pieces of SMD LED lights that provide a wide 20-inch illumination area, making it ideal for large work surfaces and desks. With ample light for any task, it creates a comfortable and well-lit working environment. The wide coverage ensures even dispersion of light, allowing you to see every detail of your work with ease.

  • Personalized Lighting – This LED Task Lamp offers customizable lighting options to suit your needs. With 4 brightness levels (100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%), and 3 light modes (warm, warm white, and cool white - 3000K-6000K), you can easily adjust the light intensity for your task or activity, whether it's working on a project or reading a book. This feature allows you to create the perfect ambiance for any task or activity.

  • Eye-friendly & Flexible Design – Our Task Lamp is designed with eye-protection technology and an adjustable clamp for your comfort. The LED lights are gentle on your eyes, reducing the risk of eye strain, headaches, and fatigue while providing ample light for any task. The sturdy table clamp allows you to easily secure it to any surface and adjust the angle to your preference, providing flexibility in positioning to suit your needs.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – This lamp comes with a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will make it right. A full three-year (3) warranty is included.
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