Warranty Terms and Conditions

Limited Warranty

These warranty guidelines shall apply to NEATFI LLC branded products purchased from our official stores on Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, OnBuy, or neatfi.com only. This also warrants that each Product will be free from factory defects.

Warranty shall be valid for the period mentioned in the applicable warranty policy for each product category. Should any product fail to perform in accordance with its functions, NEATFI LLC (“Company”) will provide a replacement subject to the applicable warranty policy and the warranty terms and conditions as follows:


Warranty Terms and Conditions

If any Product covered by this warranty is returned in accordance with warranty claim procedure (Item 3), it should be within the applied warranty period set in this policy and subject to product evaluation.

If the said item failed to function as per its specifications, the Company at its option can offer replacement of the Product or part thereof.

Our warranty policy guarantees a one-to-one replacement for every lamp purchased. This means we can only offer one replacement unit for each lamp covered under warranty.

We can provide a maximum of two replacement instances. Once a replacement has been provided, a single additional replacement will be available. Please note that the warranty will only be valid from the original purchase date and does not reset with a replacement.

If a product is found to be defective within the warranty period, the company reserves the right to exchange the product with a similar or equivalent product, subject to availability. The replacement product will be covered by the remaining warranty period of the original product. The company will not exchange products for reasons other than defects covered by the warranty.

This warranty only applies if the Product has been properly installed, used, and/or operated based on its specifications and guidelines.

This warranty does not cover any misuse and/or any violation of any applicable standards, codes, and instructions to use.

Any alterations and repairs done by another party other than Company’s technicians shall void the warranty.

All Products with functionality complaints are subject to an assessment of the Company's authorized representative.

Warranty shall only apply when the Product is proven defective.

No warranty shall be claimed without proof of purchase from the Purchaser.

For products for replacement purchased within the last 6 months, the customer is eligible for free shipping. For warranty claims filed on orders made more than six months from the original purchase date, the customer will shoulder the shipping fee.

The company shall not be held liable for any defects due to electrical supply failures, misuse, and violations of any standards, code, and instructions used.

Warranty is limited only on Products specified in these guidelines. No other terms and conditions shall be applied or added without the prior written approval of the Company.

Replacement of Product purchased due to change of mind is not allowed. Only defective products purchased can be replaced.

Please note that upgrading one product to another model is not included in our standard terms and conditions. If you wish to upgrade a product, you will need to purchase the new model separately.


Warranty periods per product category

This covers the warranty policy of NEATFI LLC from which you (“Purchaser”) bought the products. This policy is applicable only to NEATFI LLC branded items.

This warranty policy is subject to the provisions below and the terms and conditions (“Warranty Terms and Conditions”).


Warranty Period

Purchaser is entitled to warranty period as presented in the table below:


Item Warranty Period

  • LED desk lamp - 3 years
  • LED magnifying lamp - 3 years
  • LED lamp accessories - 6 months
  • Ceiling fan motor - 5 years
  • Ceiling fan accessories - 6 months
  • Gym wipes - 10 days
  • Foot pedal - 10 days
  • Ergonomic Office Chairs - 3 years


Special Conditions

  • Warranty period shall start from the date of purchase.
  • Purchaser has to provide complete complaint information.


To request assistance or submit a warranty claim, send a message to our Warranty Claim Team.